Our wedding party

Catherine's attendants
  • Bethany Seay, Maid Of Honor
    Bethany and Catherine met in their first year at Randolph-Macon College, and even thought they didn't necessarily get off on the right foot, they became friends. They roomed together their last two years of college and became best friends.
  • Nicole Daw, Bridesmaid
    Nicole is Catherine's oldest sister. Although Nicole made a habit of scaring her and picking on her, Nicole was always there when she needed her most.
  • Christina Daw, Bridesmaid
    Christina is the closest in age to Catherine out of her siblings. Growing up Christina always got stuck with her and took her along on many crazy adventures.
  • Stefanie Block, Bridesmaid
    Stefanie, Marques, and Catherine met in 2009 through a mutual friends. Stefanie was a large part of Marques and Catherine meeting and FINALLY dating. She has supported their relationship since before there was a day one, and continues to be an awesome friend to both!!
  • Sarah Sandberg, Bridesmaid
    Sarah and Catherine met in graduate school and became good friend through carpooling back and forth to Daytona. Not too mention the homework dates, quick trips to subway, and the stress they shared over exams, internships, allergies, and the occasional "oh crap that was due today?".
  • Domonique Alexander, Bridesmaid
    Domonique is Marques' little sister. They shared plenty of fun times including the human burrito. Catherine and Domonique have created a friendship and "Debbie cakes" has become the little sister Catherine never had!
  • Payton Acevedo, Flower Girl
    Payton is the only child of Cassandra King and Brandon Acevedo. Cassandra and Catherine are the cousins closest in age to each other being only 5 months (and two days) apart. Payton is a fun girl who loves running around, bath time, and eating.
Marques' attendants
  • Johnny Addison, Best Man
    Marques' best friend. Marques met Johnny in 2004 at UCF through the Special Ops flag football team. They became close through numerous road trips down to Miami, sometimes for no reason.
  • Mike Laidler, Best Man
    Marques' big little brother. Mike is the 2nd of the Laidler clan and puts up with Marques' rants of greatness.
  • Jon Kirby, Groomsman
    Good friend of Marques. Co-conspirator of Marques and Catherine getting together. Marques met Jonathan while attending UCF through a mutual friend.
  • Chris Leavell, Groomsman
    Good friend of Marques and frequent golf opponent. Tries to take credit for the 1st kiss. Marques met Chris through mutual friends while Chris was attending USF, he then realized that UCF was the better school and decided to transfer.
  • Derrick Daw, Groomsman
    Brother of Catherine. Derrick and Marques became close over numerous "man dates" and what not at Gators Dockside.
  • EJ Seay, Groomsman
    Married to Bethany Seay. Marques met EJ during his trip to D.C. when Catherine was visiting he and Bethany. They're basically joint spectators in the crazy friendship of Catherine and Bethany.
  • Donovin Manna, Ring Bearer
    Donovin is Catherine's only nephew and godson. He's the son of Nicole Daw and Rob Manna. He loves to play football and baseball.
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